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Ready-made Products

The beautiful things, unusual and unique gifts, novelties are the things buyers ask sellers in any shop. If GlasShine will be in the range — nobody will leave without purchase. GlasShine will expand your range of products and will involve new clients who are very difficult to be surprised every year.
Glass illuminative tumblers are very beautiful. People in many cantons of the world would like to have such miracle at home. Thanks to wholesalers, dealers and owners of shops that bear new and light and help people to find what they are seeking for!
Possible places of retail sales:
— Shops of alcoholic drinks, tobacco products;
— Gift shops and souvenirs;
— Shops of furniture and interior subjects;
— Lamps shops;
— Shops of ware and products from glass;
— Design galleries;
— Creation of separate GlasShine mount;
 We normally provide the demonstration samples, POS in various languages; we train sellers as well. 
The range for wholesale and retail trade.
We produce different collections of glasses independently and in cooperation with interesting designers to meet the requirements of different people.
The first collection of 2009 «GlasShine Basic» is decorated by the monogram «GS» and created for the first acquaintance with interactive illumination. The main theme of the collection — a lighting, therefore its design is decent and does not distract attention from the main thing. See the collection here.
Now we are elaborating a series of collections from the European designers. What will be their vision of GlasShine? We will wait and see.
Order details:
— The minimal order to receive the wholesale discount is 100 glasses.
— For those who are interested in obtaining one glass there is on-line boutique where it is possible to order products with delivery in any country of the world. Today it is unique possibility to get the given know-how for 99% of people all over the world.