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Ready-made Glasses

GlasShine Colored — is the first and basic collecton of GlasShine glasses. They're pretty simple and, at the same time, unique. Just glasses. But shining with one of 17 colors of lighting.
You can order the GlasShine Colored glasses with the color of lighting you prefer (f.e. signature colors of Your Company) and make the branding of plain glasses with any cold method (laser-engravement, sandblasting etc.).
Or you can use GlasShine Colored glasses as a Promotional Item for your Product — water in the hi-ball glass with blue neon lighting; juices in the glasses of different colors; milk; cocktails; any alcohol and non-alcohol drinks and beverages.
Also you can use GlasShine Colored glasses as a Business Gift at the trade fares, exhibitions, business meetings etc.
You can make an order of GlasShine Colored glasses in just 5 simple steps:
2) Decide on the quantity
3) Check the avaliability with us via e-mail or phone (the contact e-mail is ads@glasshine.com and phone number is +7 (499) 703-06-57
4) Get the invoice from us and make the payment
5) Get GlasShine Colored glasses (you can pick-up the glasses yourself from Bialystok, Poland or we can calculate the delivery directly to you — to any part of the world).
If you got interested in GlasShine Colored glasses, want to know the terms and conditions of cooperation, prices, delivery terms or have any other questions —
please, feel free to contact us
via e-mail: ads@glasshine.com,
phone +7 (499) 703-06-57
or Skype: glasshine1