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HoReCa & Events

Night leisure time
Tumblers GlasShine appear at the muffled illumination most favorably. They highlight mysteriously any liquid, transforming even usual water in an unusual elixir. When making certain drinks in interactive glasses, it is possible to raise their sales considerably. Some colors of illumination, especially red one, influence thirst and people drink 10 times more from such glasses.
Day rest
Watching over green or dark blue illumination relaxes and calms. This very product also has some physiotherapeutic properties. In SPA-salons GlasShine therapy can become an original highlight.
In the nearest future lighting glasses will considerably beset usual ware. Use of such glasses is convenient, it is possible to wash them even in the dishwasher. And there are a lot of advantages.
The use of GlasShine glasses in HoReCa segment (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe/Catering) allows to create a newsbreak and to involve new clients, gives competitive advantage, possibility to advance the price category of an establishment or separate services, works on image and decorates an interior, raises sales of drinks as well.
When organizing important top-level events, interactive illumination glasses guarantee good mood of the participants. The smile from unusual illumination helps to fasten conversation and unites unfamiliar people. Using knowledge of psychological features of illumination colors perception it is possible to set the necessary tone of event — from thoughtful to flirty.
Glasses with illumination give a flight of fancy to barmen and other creative people. A variety of glasses color spectra gives a chance to experiment and invent new recipes of cocktails, to mix tastes and colors. Glasses with interactive illumination is a new chapter in barman art!
Do you like to give thematic parties and to surprise your guests? With the glasses glowing from a touch of a hand, it is possible to make up lots of competitions. With your bright ideas they become a highlight of your cocktail, Halloween party or romantic dinner.