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What Is GlasShine? / Our Company

GlasShine team solely consists of talented people — inventors, engineers and creative employees. We develop and implement ingenious ideas that can be useful for various businesses in the world. We have diverse programs: from advertising design to energy saving  on enterprises. We try to choose the best innovations and help the world to get to know about them. Inventors, do write to us about your innovations and ideas!
Our new project are the glasses, shining at hand touch. The name for the interactive glassware with illumination — is GlasShine . Specialists from different institutions were involved in order to implement this brave project. The main work was carried out in the fields of optics and electronics.
We love our product and will be glad to cooperate with people who also like unusual trendy items. We have no borders and are aimed at expansion of dealer network all over the world. GlasShine manufacturer wants to cooperate with people and businessmen who have similar views and are willing to promote our product on other territories. 
GlasShine — unique glasses, shinning at a hand touch!

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