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Ladies and Gentlemen!
Itís a pleasure to work with people with whom you have something in common, namely, aspiration for self-perfection, an offbeat approach to decision making, moving forward, ability to captivate and to be carried away. We do not imitate but are looking for something new. We see those things which nobody sees. You search for the ideas for your business and we work for you. Let us be acquainted!
— We would like to cooperate with advertising agencies, event-agencies, btl-agencies, business souvenirs agencies and design studios. GlasShine tumblers will diversify your promotional products range.
— We would like to cooperate with wholesalers, store owners, specialists for distribution network purchase. We offer wholesale of gifts from manufacturer and dealer stocks on a mutually advantageous basis.
— We would like to cooperate with organizations which arrange stylish events, closed parties, vip-events. Thanks to GlasShine innovations clubs and restaurants will attract new clients and uphold their status of modern and stylish establishment.
— We would like to cooperate with versatile businessmen to promote GlasShine all over the world. If you become our become our importer or dealer in your country you will occupy a brand new niche and will earn a lot of money:)
If you are looking for the like-minded people to actualize the brilliant idea, either invention or mutual action — write us. Together we will be able to embody the most audacious projects willing to change the world. Lets make it better, brighter and much more interesting!
Our projects:
Patented know-how
— GlasShine tumblers with interactive illumination;
— GlasShine interactive illumination in production of diverse glass items;
— Filtering condenser of reactive power on the enterprise. It saves active power, make it possible to decrease energy consumption and to offload generating supply in many times. It increases operating efficiency and effectiveness.
We support inventors to implement and promote their ideas.
Do you have an idea but no money? Do you have money but no place to invest it? Write us!
You can contact by writing a letter to info@glasshine.com or by using the form of feedback. We will for sure contact you!
Truly yours, KODAR Sp. z o.o.
Tel.: +48 42 29 66 560
Skype: glasshine1

Our head office in Minsk, Belarus:
Tel.: +375 17 2018636
Fax: +375 17 2018660
Mobile: +375 29 1361791
Skype: glasshine1